Eddy du Pays des Clarines, breeded in France (Pedigree) was my first dog. He taught me responsibility and loyalty. I couldn't image how a dog is depending on us. We are responisble for his physical and psychical wellness. He did never leave me alone, I couldn't move into another room without being accompanied. Where ever I went to, I could take him with me, because he never had any bad manners. He just always was around, quiet and distinguished, the lord of the dogs. He never submitted to another dog, but he never had any quarrels. There has never been anything, that has been within his possibilities, that he wouldn't have done for me. From the 12 trials we made together, we passed 11 in the following catagories: Companion Dog, Level 1+2 (includes tracking, obedience and tractability), area search and disaster search (Results). He died when he wasn't even nine years old. I miss him.

Eddy's favorite pose


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